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Do you feel unhappy at work or imprisoned by your job?

Have you worked hard and achieved a certain amount of success but still feel like something is missing? If you feel like you want a change but don’t know how to do it or get there, we can help.

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I’ve known Cal for 30 years and his positive spirit and enthusiasm is inspiring. His tactical approach to goal setting and always trying to get more out of life has been something I’ve always admired. Cal’s work around people and culture and in particular, helping people ensure they are aligned between their personal passions and the work that they do is extraordinary. Cal has worked with myself and my team in order to take our business and our culture to the next level. No question I’d recommend Cal to anyone looking for street proven leadership experience.

Jeff Bradshaw, President and CEO | V Strategies Inc


Today’s workforce is experiencing staggering rates of both disengagement and unhappiness.

There are things that you want to accomplish in life.

You have accomplished a lot already but you know there is more for you.

What if you ripped the sheets off your bed every morning because you are madly in love with your work?

What if you were to fast forward 12 months from now and look back on your life and simply pinch yourself, as you never imagined that it could be this good? 


If not, you may find yourself in the same place years from now.

1-on-1 coaching

How We Can Help

Our coaching sessions are a safe space to explore other options in your work and/or personal life, without judgement or pressure. Maybe you don’t need a different job, maybe you just need to make your job different. In these sessions, I’ll help you overcome the obstacles regardless of how ‘stuck’ you may feel in your current circumstances, and I will help you get clear on what you want so you can lead a more fulfilling and happier life. 

meet your coach

Cal Misener

Cal Misener is a consultant, leadership coach, best-selling author, facilitator and international speaker who is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve alignment between what is important to them personally, the work that they do and the impact they want to make.

With over 25 years of experience excelling in leadership, communication and developing deep connections with other people, his core value and belief system is structured around life/career balance as well as achieving meaningful alignment in life.

Cal has gone through his own personal transformation of doing work that he was not that excited about to being able to focus exclusively on his passion.  As a result, he has supported hundreds in their transformation and he has created a proven framework that can also help you.

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Your Transformation Begins With Step 1

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Do The Work

Through our coaching sessions and practical guidance, you will get clear on what you’re meant to do and I will support you in making real progress towards your goals.

step 3

Achieve Work-Life Alignment

With a clear focus and my help in overcoming obstacles, you will become happier and more fulfilled in the work you do.