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Over the course of his impressive career at TELUS, Cal was known for driving results and making significant contributions to our business. He is well known for his ability to build strong relationships across the organization, and I know the team benefited greatly from his passion and commitment to making TELUS a great place to work.

When it comes to specific achievements in his role within the National Business Delivery team, there are many worth highlighting, the most significant being the focus and commitment he drove relating to our People & Culture strategy [plus] an incredible 31 percentage point improvement in Team Engagement over a four year period.

Marshall Berkin, Vice President | Business Solutions West,
TELUS Communications Inc

People are quitting their jobs in record numbers.

So much so that we have a term for it:

“The Great Resignation”

(according to the Labor Department’s latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover report.)

As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for company leaders to:

  • Rely on their team members because they are unmotivated & disengaged
  • Retain or attract top talent due to high employee turnover, leading to higher costs and time spent on training
  • Remain confident or enjoy work due to many difficult conversations with employees and managing perceptions
  • Run a successful organization because values, purpose and culture are misaligned

Does this sound familiar?

If so, it’s time to design a people-first culture and a thriving workplace.

the solution

What does a people-first company culture looks like?


Leaders and employees are excited about the work they do, resulting in happier, more motivated and reliable team members

less turnover

Because you have the right people in the right roles


Diversity, unique skills, experiences and talents are celebrated, giving you a competitive advantage


Team objectives and individual passions are aligned, creating a stronger and united workplace


Increased performance and a productive work environment, allowing you to successfully meet company targets


People actually ENJOY working on your team!

What We Offer

From people & culture consulting, executive and leader coaching, leadership workshops or a world class, data driven tool for measuring how effective you are at meeting employees needs, we can work with your organization to create a thriving people-first culture.

people & culture consulting

Could you use some help in motivating your leaders to better support their teams, create a winning culture, improve productivity, reduce churn and attract the best talent within your organization?  

Through 1-on-1 consultation, I will personally work with the leaders in your company to become better coaches and create a strategic people plan using the 6 pillars required for a winning culture.

Leadership workshops

Leaders have the most influence on company culture because they attract, hire and inspire the people within your organization. Invest in developing your leaders and this will ultimately lead to a thriving workplace, increased productivity and profitability.  

This is a 90 minute facilitated workshop for leaders, employees and/or just managers which can be customized to your organization. A few examples of past workshop topics include: Tough Conversations, Emotional Quotient, and Happiness In The Workplace.

culture actualization index survey

Most leaders know that culture is incredibly important in any team or organization but how do you measure it and what do you do about it?

Through our partnership with Maslow Leadership, we have a world class, globally bench-marked, data driven approach to measuring where you are currently at with your culture and how effective you are at meeting your employees needs in the workplace. We then work with you to create a Culture Action Plan so that you can create a world class culture and catapult your business results.

meet your coach

Cal Misener

Cal Misener is a consultant, leadership coach, best-selling author, facilitator and international speaker who is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve alignment between what is important to them personally, the work that they do and the impact they want to make.

With over 25 years of experience working in the corporate sector, Cal provides insights on workforce trends, people engagement and leadership excellence required to drive peak performance. His core value and belief system is structured around life/career balance as well as alignment.

Cal helps build workplace culture by helping leaders drive employee engagement and create stellar team member experiences. He has supported the transformation of hundreds of others and has created a framework that can also help your organization, no matter how big or small.

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